Medical measurement

Medical measurement

Medical measurement paper that can cope with any diagnosis

Precision is of vital importance in medical technology. Precise analysis, profound experience and exact diagnoses are recorded in top quality by our special papers. Blumberg has been setting standards for many years in the area of measuring papers for medical diagnosis equipment. Individuality and high performance made Blumberg the largest supplier of medical chart paper on the market. Close collaboration with machinery manufacturers, doctors and hospitals has enabled Blumberg to become a quality brand that is tailored to the requirements of the market.

Spezialpapiere Medizintechnik

Service portfolio

  • CTG, ECG and EEG paper
  • Ultrasound supplies such as contact gel
  • Video printer paper for ultrasound images
  • Labels for laboratories, patient reception and data processing
  • Chart paper rolls in all formats
  • Recording paper for measuring equipment in laboratory diagnosis
  • Inkjet cartridges, toners
  • Ink ribbons
  • Thermal transfer ribbons