Achieve what you want with paper

A qualified team of employees ensures that a customer base made of national and international customers can select their ideal solutions from individual paper configurations specially adapted to their requirements.

The product range currently includes approximately 270,000 different items. The latest development and production workshops help to ensure that practically any idea concerning paper can be achieved.

Special paper for special requirements

Special paper for special requirements

These days the fifth generation of the Blumberg family business designs and produces special paper for special requirements, to fulfill the requirements of the modern global market.

Success has tradition – since 1885

The original founder of this success was Theodor Blumberg, who set up the company with visionary goals, a large amount of commitment and the desire for perfection in the purest sense of the word. Blumberg's pioneering years were predominantly spent producing fireworks and bangers for children's toys. It was the production of bakelite ink removers that led in later years to the connection with paper and the manufacture and refinement of special papers, in order to cope with the rapidly growing industry and economy.

Over the following years, subsequent generations built up the range of products in terms of both quality and quantity and brought Blumberg System Papers to its current position in the market.