Linerless: Without carriers to more sustainability

Labels have never been so economical: linerless labels dispense with the backing material and thus reduce resource requirements enormously. This benefits not only people and the environment. Labeling also becomes easier. This is because Blumberg linerless labels rely on a special protective layer on the thermal paper.

Linerless labels – the intelligent and environmentally friendly solution

Intelligent and environmentally friendly labeling

Blumberg Linerless labels without backing paper are an innovative labeling solution with numerous benefits. Thanks to a special coating, you can easily remove Blumberg Linerless labels from the roll without producing waste. Our labels are popular in logistics, warehousing and retail - and wherever you want to focus on environmental protection and smooth labeling.

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Applications of linerless labels

Your advantages with Blumberg linerless labels

  • Significantly more labels per roll
  • Up to 33% lower material costs
  • Total costs decrease by 15
  • No waste due to punching grid and release liner
  • Decreasing transport and storage costs
  • Flexibility in length and print format
  • Individual adhesion from semi-permanent to permanent to strong
  • Important contribution to the company's environmental balance sheet

Adhesive and roll specifications

Full-surface adhesive application

Full-surface adhesive application

Adhesive as a strip coating

Adhesive as a strip coating

Linerless inner diameter

Inner diameter

12,2mm, 19mm, 25,4mm, 40mm, 50,8mm, 70mm, 76,2mm

Linerless outer diameter

Outer diameter

30mm to 310mm

Linerless roll width

Roll width

50mm, 58mm, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm, 101,6mm, 105mm

Other dimensions

Other dimensions

Gladly on request

Clear arguments for linerless labels

Linerless protects the environment

No liner, no waste - modern labeling can be so simple. The entire label roll is used exclusively for labeling. This means we can offer more labels for the same roll volume. This means you get significantly more out of each unit, save CO2 and minimize your disposal costs.

Linerless increases productivity

Linerless adhesive labels are thinner and more efficient in storage. On average, a linerless roll contains 30 to 60% more labels than conventional variants. Roll changes are less frequent, and dispensing speeds increase to up to 40 meters per minute. Blumberg Linerless labels also pay off in the warehouse from the first roll - with up to 40% less space required per label!

The first choice in many industries

Linerless labels from Blumberg are represented in more and more areas of application. Because with our individual specifications for linerless labels, we answer industry requirements precisely.


Self-service scales and mobile label printers do not need superfluous liner. Blumberg linerless labels optimize price labeling and make shopping easier for customers. Because it hardly gets any faster and more flexible than with thermal print labels.


Clear assignment of samples and findings to the patient is the backbone of a functioning healthcare system. Blumberg linerless labels enable this assignment directly on site - whether in the practice or in the hospital.

Field Service

For efficient management of work orders, maintenance files and other documents on the road, printing technology must be particularly compact and mobile. Blumberg Linerless labels offer everything that sales and field service employees need.

Warehouse and logistics

Nothing works in logistics and warehousing without order and clarity. Linerless labels allocate deliveries, identify storage locations or specify batches. And as a mobile solution at every point in the supply chain.

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