Parking meter rolls

Parking meter rolls

Parking meter rolls for intelligent traffic technology

Blumberg parking meter rolls are more than just a crucial accessory for modern traffic technology equipment. They are an important foundation of urban infrastructure.

Our device-compliant park and display tickets guarantee the best legibility in printing within seconds, are popular advertising media, and impress in use with robust everyday suitability. Because of our wide range, we will always find the most economical configuration for your parking tickets.

Parking ticket rolls - Materials


Parking spaces are exposed to wind, weather, and exposure to the elements. Pay and display tickets are too. That's why we offer parking meter rolls made of thermal paper, for example, which are particularly resistant to moisture and climatic influences. But not all tickets are the same. That's why we put together an individual configuration for every customer inquiry and provide you with intensive advice.

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Parking ticket rolls - Formats


We produce parking meter rolls in a wide variety of designs, formats and weight classes. This not only guarantees smooth operation at the meter systems. They offer every user the optimum solution - whether for long-term parking or a quick stopover. Tell us your requirements and we will find the best and most cost-effective variant for you.

Parking ticket rolls - Design


Simply displaying information? Pay and display tickets can do so much more. Their widespread use in the cityscape and proximity to customers make them the ideal advertising medium. That's why we have a wide range of colours and designs in our program and can print every parking ticket according to your wishes.

Application areas

Blumberg pay and display tickets are part of urban mobility. We offer coordinated designs and services for many areas of application.

Parking ticket rolls in parking garages

Parking garages

Parking ticket rolls in parking lots

Public parking

Parking ticket rolls in shopping centers

Shopping centers

Parking ticket rolls at airports


Parking ticket rolls in hospitals


Blumberg Traffic Technology - our services

  • Parking tickets
  • Parking meter rolls
  • Speedometer discs for EC control units
  • Thermal paper for digital tachographs
  • Papers for mobile data acquisition (MDE)

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We are here for you personally! Let us advise you on our specifications for Blumberg parking tickets. Together we will find the optimal solution for you.