The Intelligent label solution with ecological and economical benefits

The best way to practice our good intentions of keeping our impact on fellow humans and the environment as minimal as possible is to rethink the way we handle our products.

With our linerless rolls we introduce a product that no longer needs a liner. Instead, in a special process, the surface of the thermal paper is coated with a repelling layer.

More than just one advantage

Linerless protects the environment:
By eliminating the liner the costs for waste management are reduced to a minimum

Linerless labels increase productivity:
The elimination of the liner results in a gain of up to 40% of material usage. Thus less roll changes are necessary and the productivity can be increased considerably.

Linerless means downsizing:
Linerless rolls have a lower weight and need less storage space than conventional labels.
As a result, the costs for transport and stock-keeping are reduced significantly.

We offer linerless rolls in several dimensions and specifications.
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Linerless – die intelligente und umweltfreundliche Lösung.